Mrs. Bond’s Desk File
Tactical Center Team
Executive Coordinator


This is Part 1 of a 2 Part Correspondence. You will only receive Part 2 upon responding to our request below.

We believe at Fingertip we have the best approach organized to win a Jackpot. It is imperative that we establish the Tactical Center Team Network. If you have a minute please tell us briefly in own words what strategy you currently use. If you say ‘None’ or ‘I purchased Quick Pick Tickets’ that would be an appropriate response. If you have a particular strategy, please feel free to share that with us. From this point forward we will be sending you several strategic outlines that our president uses to formulate initial game numbers. These are strictly personal opinions from our president and not to be considered as legal obligations for you to participate.

How important is our Lotto Fanttasy TM?

Note in the attachment, we demonstrate how important the Lotto Fanttasy TM will be to our Tactical Team members. In the attachment you will see that there are five games purchased through the Quick Pick method March 15th, 2014. The results of the actual Powerball numbers were 2, 5, 34, 51, 58 and the Powerball was number 9. If you will notice, the numbers 9, 34 and 58 are represented in the (QP) games. For example, the number 9 and 34 are in the A - (QP) game. The number 34 is in the B and C (QP) game. Finally, the number 58 is in the E- (QP) game. There is one 9 and three 34s, which is a total of 111 recycled points. Adding 111 (RP) plus 58 (RP), the total number of 169 Recycled points are credited to the member’s account. Members accumulate these points just by being a part of the Lotto Fanttasy TM game.

The Lotto Fanttasy TM game numbers are used as credits without any monetary consideration from members to Fingertip Formulas, Inc ® . or its’ affiliates. We reemphasize, No monetary consideration is necessary to participate in our Lotto Fanttasy TM games. They are strictly for entertainment. The member’s points are tabulated and credited toward their Recycled Points free of charge. Any additional games the member will play in the Lotto Fanttasy TM game Recycled Points will accumulate. In the near future, Fingertip Formulas will have a valued point system for members to use to exchange Recycled Points for Fingertip Formulas products and merchandise.

Keep in mind, as in the attachment, members did not have to win the Powerball game to accumulate Recycled Points. To review your points totals simply access your dashboard and click on Manage My Formulas. To receive our Part 2 correspondence that explains our brief strategies, respond promptly by sending our requests from you immediately to my attention: Lee Bond -

Again, thank you for becoming a Tactical Team Member. If you do not wish to participate as a Tactical Team Member please let us know.

Warning : We do not promote the purchase of any of our products in the Tactical Team communications. Therefore, any Tactical Team Member(s) requesting that you send money and/or you purchase any particular formula is not a valid message that Fingertip Formulas would send in an email correspondence. Please notify us immediately if you receive such an email at

If you have additional interest and want to continue in Part 2 correspondence of your strategy session please respond to …