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Here at Fingertip Formulas, we offer two unique play options we believe will increase your odds for success. First, you can play our Lotto Fantasy™ independently by using the formulas you purchased here to help generate probable winning numbers for later lottery use (simply use the numbers you designed here from your Lotto Fantasy selection) Or, try to increase your odds even further by utilizing the power of our more exclusive Tactical Team Center features: 1) Lotto Fantasy, 2) Saved N Shared, 3) Recycled Points. These exclusive concepts are listed only on our web site. These features allow you to work with a group of other members to double, triple or quadruple (or more) your chances of producing successful formulas. The more people you interact with, the higher your chances of success.

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All Historical Data programmed and assembled in our combination formats placed at your fingertip is what makes Fingertip Formulas a viable entity helping you develop strategy to, as we say, make an intelligent play.

The four hundred day free formula promo is to help you with the learning curve associated with using our formulas. Once you have mastered the use and witnessed a degree of success, your confidence will soar in the strategy you have attained.

Remember our support team is standing by. Our Faqal audio instructions will keep you informed through audio with tips and comments to aid you in your quest for Success through Strategy. GOOD LUCK AGAIN!!!!!!!