Earn 1000 Recycled Point credits simply by signing up. Lotto Fantasy is an exciting way to design successful games without wagering, yet you can earn valuable recycled points to use to purchase Fingertip Formula’s products and merchandise. You will be able to design 10 separate games in the Lotto Fantasy area. The points from each game will be tabulated to add up your credits.

The Lotto Fantasy game is a perfect way to hewn your skills to design successful games. This strategic effort allows you to match points that will appear in the winning game numbers of the Powerball and/or the Texas State Two Step so that your confidence will grow as you develop your personal strategy.

If any of your Lotto Fantasy numbers matches any of the Powerball or Texas State Two step winning game numbers, this will add more Recycled Points to your credits. Currently Fingertip Formulas is the only vendor that redeems all Recycled Points.


Within your dashboard click on the Lotto Fantasy game i.e. Powerball and/or Texas State Two Step that you wish to provide pre-sequel numbers for. Add your numbers to the cache. We prefer you use our formulas format (CO, VE, SG, etc.) to derive your number selections. This exercise will give you the experience necessary to become familiar with the Fingertip Formulas experience.

Note- If you change your number selection you can erase and start over. Once you click save and store, however, those numbers are locked in for the purpose of Fingertip formulas confirming your point total. Use the email address admin@fingertipformulas.com to submit your points total after the game.

Thank you for your participation. Enjoy your game and we look forward to you experiencing success through strategy.