Our Single Number Assignment contest is our way of paying you to play your favorite State or Nationally Sponsored lottery games. Here are the requirements for entering the contest:
  • Contestant(s) must be General Rep or above (See Compensation Plan)
  • All games for the week must be completed using the SNA Spreadsheet
  • Contestant(s) must scroll down to “save and store all games to his/her account.
  • Contestant(s) must send copy of the games designed for the contest by email to contest@fingertipformulas.com
  • Contestant(s) must also indicate the number that he/she is playing (i.e. 2, 12, 24, etc.)
  • All games must be submitted 3 hours (180 minutes) prior to the game draw for that game night to qualify.
  • Our payout system for all winners must be $10 or more. All funds are accumulated in escrow until $10 is won by the contestant. Funds are then posted to the contestant’s PayPal account on file with the company.
  • Contestant acknowledges that upon submitting his/her games to Fingertip Formulas & Lotto Fantasy, the game numbers become the sole property of Fingertip Formulas, inc ® . to use in any manner it chooses, without payment or reward to contestant unless otherwise stated.
  • By clicking “accept,” you understand that the company reserves the right to modify, change, revise or discontinue this or any other company-sponsored contest without notice. This contest is void where prohibited by law in any state in the United States of America.