Success through strategy

I played the lottery for the first time in my life on May 24, 2013. When I sat down to design my games, I was faced with the same issue that every lottery player deals with—we don’t have the slightest clue when it comes to which numbers we should play. In most cases this turns into a random act of selecting numbers with little to no guidance. I started to realize that the public domain information for previous games was not specific enough to help me become a more successful player, and I needed to create a strategy to help make sense of my numbers. This is where the idea for Finger Tip Formulas was born.

Finger Tip Formulas ® fills the gap that every lottery player experiences. It invites members to participate using our patented formulas to enhance their strategy for each game they play. These formulas can be used in both state and national games, which allows members to build a strategic plan over time and learn to use each formula to their advantage. The concept, “Finger Tip Formula” is appropriately named to refer to having important game information, “At your finger tips.” Start building your games for wager or to simply perfect your strategy. As you begin to understand and apply each formula you will begin to see your numbers differently and start to find successful approaches to your favorite games. We are excited to have you here and want you to become part of the growing community of Finger Tip Formula members. Register today, and stop gambling—start strategizing.

                                                                             —J.D. Bond, Sr.

                                                                                Founder and CEO of Finger Tip Formulas, Inc ® .