400 Day PROMO Terms and Conditions

In order to activate our 400 Day Promotion, you need to enter the promotional code (400F) through the Billing tab in our ecommerce site before the expiration date of April 15, 2015. Promotional codes have no promotional value and entry of the promotional code serves only to begin your qualification for the associated promotional credit.

To qualify for the promotional credit you must be an active member. To become a member please sign up. The value of the 400 Day promo for our four featured formulas is approximately $60.00 representing an annual subscription.

The four formulas include the Combination, Vertical, Depth and the Zz formula. Charges in the amount of $2.99 per formula is the one time setup fee to be paid by the member to add these formulas to a dashboard area created for the purpose of giving access to these formulas. For example, if you have experienced the sample/demo and that format, this is how we display the four featured formulas in the dashboard for personal security and use.

Remember, the days left in the 400 day promo is the only time a member have to use the four featured formulas. On April 16,2015 the promo will end and the members will be asked to upgrade, renew or the formulas will be canceled and removed from the member's dashboard. In all circumstances, you must enter your promotional code before April15,2015 in order to activate this offer.

Your account must be successfully billed and payment for the one time set up paid to remain in good standing in order to qualify for a promotional credit. The promotional credit does not apply to any other offer and will be applied within approximately 5 days of your account payment in full. As long as you've activated your account using the promotional code and fulfilled all requirements stated in the offer, we will complete the dashboard area to set up your account. Once applied, the promotional credit will appear on the Billing Summary page in your account. For additional terms and conditions, see also terms and conditions of Fingertip Formulas.